Sunday, May 18, 2014

2014 ~ Week 20 ~ part 1

I'm about to barrage you with more pictures than you want to see, so I apologize in adavance.  A new camera and lens plus a long weekend at the beach equals too many pictures from which to choose.  So I'm posting in two parts.

My in-laws, who are incredible, take turns getting the Bean and Biscuit one day a week.  The boys love going, and the one-on-one time with their grandparents makes them feel very special.  The Bean likes to wait for them to pick him up on our front stairs.

 Now that the Bug is sitting up well on his own, I finally took him outside for some more current pictures.  Please pretend that the flowering clover is really a field of wild flowers.  Again, I apologize in advance for my inability to select only two or three of these.  I am extremely biased.


  1. Please, PLEASE, do not apologize for posting pictures of your darling family! I am missing so much of their special years so please keep posting! Love you all dearly.

    1. We love & miss you too!! I wish you lived closer so we could see you more!!