Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 ~ Week 19

Today is Mother's Day.  I think for all mothers, it is a day of reflection just as much as it is a day of celebration.  I think a lot about the kind of mother I am, and the kind of mother I strive to be.  I have a lot of room for improvement in a lot of areas, most notably in the area of patience, with a close second in housekeeping (do people still say that??).

When I think of my own mom, words don't magically appear.  But emotions come quickly.  I immediately feel love, security and warmth.  Since becoming a mother myself, I often think about my mom, and how she always, always, always put her girls ahead of herself.  She still does.  I hope my boys will think the same of me one day.

The rest of my pictures this week have nothing to do with my ramblings. They are just some random shots.

This is what the playroom looks like when you realize it's been too quiet, and there hasn't been any fighting for five whole minutes.

They turned the basketball goal into a bus.

Which then turned into a wrestling match.  Because really, doesn't everything lead to that?

The Bean weeks away from being three.  That means he is stubborn beyond belief.  Two-almost-three year-old stubborness is the worst form of stubborness there is.  Hands down.  He wanted to button these shorts himself.  He got mad because I tried to help him.  Then he cried because he couldn't do it.  Then he demanded that I do it.  *Sigh*

Post pants buttoning...

But he kills me with these eyes.  He will win every time.

The Bug is just a specimen of pure happiness right now.  He learned to patty-cake this week.

Does your day end with a nightly wrestling match?  If not, it should!

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