Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 ~ Week 16

This Easter week was filled with lots of rain, candy, eggs, candy, family, church, and more candy.  Seriously, the candy aspect was so over the top, that at his last of three Easter egg hunts, the Bean loudly yelled, "Hey, deese eggs don't got any candy in dem" when he discovered his findings were just simply plain eggs.

The week started with a visit from my aunt that lives in Nashville.  The boys were so excited to see her!!

 Checking out the stash after the church Easter Egg hunt.  (Despite the empty gym in this picture, there were tons of kids there.  My kids were the only ones it appears that dropped everything to eat their candy.  All the other kids were in line to see the Easter Bunny.)

They did eventually make it to see the bunny.  He's always creepy to me no matter how cute the costume.

We caved and let them demolish the rest of the candy once we got home.

This little guy didn't get any candy.

But he did enjoy the eggs.

Not so much the ears.

More candy for Easter breakfast!

Finally, a break from the candy.  After a beautiful church service we had lunch with my Dad, and then spent the afternoon at John's parents house.

Happy Easter!!

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