Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 ~ Week 15

This past Saturday we went to Clemson's Spring Game.  The day was beautiful, fun and exhausting.  I took my camera, but didn't have a lot of time to take photos.

This was my one attempt at a family shot right before we were about to leave to head back home. Obviously, I didn't press for more.

We got to visit with one of my dearest friends, and her sweet little Peanut.

Earlier in the week, the Bean had a stomach virus.  Luckily, it was very short lived.  However, he had to stay home with me one morning when he would otherwise be at school.  I put him in the bathtub, and went to the room next door to change the Bug's diaper (less than 10 feet away for those concerned with the safety of me leaving him in the tub).

This is what I found when I came back 2 minutes later...

I know it doesn't look like much, but that's about a half an inch of water covering the entire bathroom floor.  All the fun splashing I heard was the Bean emptying the tub of water by way of a big cup, onto the bathroom floor - as if he was in a boat that was taking on water.

Who me?

I half heartedly got angry at him, cleaned up the water with every beach towel we own, and spent the next half hour taking advantage of some nice morning light in his room - a room that is usually too dark for decent photos.

The Bug entertained himself with the Biscuit's "Jumbo Dog" (aka the largest lovey ever), while I cleaned up water.

He's sitting up pretty well on his own now...

Crawling is never far behind sitting up.  We are not there yet, and I hope he takes his time.

After about 30 minutes of just hanging out in the Bean's room, we came downstairs.  I heard the Bean exclaim, "Mommy, there's more water."

Umm.  Yeah.

This is a crack in our dining room ceiling directly under the upstairs bathroom, and those are drops of water falling to the floor.

While I cleaned up more water, he continued his path of destruction.

I'm going to need a lot of patience!  And it seems a good handyman!

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