Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 ~ Week 4

The Biscuit turned five this week.  I see so many beautiful posts by bloggers describing their children so eloquently on their birthdays.  Words do not come so easily for me, especially when those words are supposed to sum up in a few sentences how much my children mean to me.  Such words just don't exist.

He was a bit excited about his Minion cupcakes for school.

He had his first real birthday party a couple of days later.  Thankfully, we had it at an indoor gym because the rare brutal cold temps have been unrelenting.

The Bean usually has to watch his big brother's gymnastics class from the lobby.  He got to participate at the party & he absolutely loved it.  I'm not sure how understanding he'll be that he can only watch at the next class.  Being two is tough sometimes.

The Biscuit wanted a Monsters Inc. cake, and can you beleive this awesome cake??  A friend of a friend makes cakes on the side, and she did an incredible job!!

His expressions while everyone sang Happy Birthday were priceless.  He was so happy!!

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