Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 ~ Week 3

This week brought three dreaded letters...  RSV.  This is the third January in a row that at least one of my kids has succumbed to the nasty virus.  I would say that trying to keep the baby well added to the stress this year.  But, I think not having to worry about missing work, and meeting all of the January accounting deadlines negated any extra stress.  It was so nice to devote 100% of my time & thoughts to my family without feeling guilty about what was not getting accomplished at work.  I realize how blessed & luckly that makes me.

The Bean felt pretty bad for a few days.  We found him like this on our stairs at one point.

He didn't stay down for long.

The art supplies are a never ending battle.  I want them to have easy access to them.  But oh the mess.  We are forever cleaning up the "colors".

Friday night we tried to have a family game night.  Depsite lots of excitement, their focus only lasted about 15 minutes.  Maybe next year.

This guy is not short on smiles!  Sleep? Yes.  Smiles? No.

Just before a Clemson basketball game on Saturday I tried to get a pic of all three.  I can't get even two of them to look at the camera at the same time, much less all three of them.  It was hectic leaving the house to go to the game, and I left my camera at home. I really wish I had it because the big boys loved it!  It reminded me of  going to the basketball games with my dad as a little girl and how much I always liked it.

Caught this guy sitting still (watching TV of course) right in the middle of some direct window light & played a bit with the camera.

My boys are so different.  The Biscuit despises the camera, so I have to be sneaky.  The Bean is completely opposite, and asks me to take his picture.  Those eyes - they get him out of a lot of trouble!!

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