Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swagger Wagon

I've been wanting to start a blog for quite a while.  This is not my first one.  Not even my second.

The first one I posted to quite regularly for five years.  After the Bean was born, we started our own business, and I gave that blog up.  There was just no time.  Who knew that working full time in a job that requires travel, while married to a husband who works full time, while purchasing & running your own business, while parenting two small children would leave you with no time to spare?

Since I stopped writing that first blog, I've missed it immensely.  I've tried to start back a time or two, but posting regularly has just been impossible.  Every attempt since that first blog has been a futile attempt.

Sooooo, that's a lot of rambling simply to say that it's no surprise that I'm struggling to find time to post here in Minutes and Years.  Though we have huge changes on the horizon, nothing about my schedule has changed yet.  We are still flying by the seat of our pants, struggling to make it to bedtime each day while managing not to drop too many of the balls we have in the air.

The last two weeks have been nothing short of a nightmare.  Broken down cars, sick children, constant fire alarms at work, and scheduling nightmares.  Don't worry, I won't bore you with any details.  It's something with which every family deals.  We get through it, and we hope for better days to come.

Making the decision to quit my job was an extremely hard decision.  One that took me over a year to make.  Through all the back & forth, I always knew how blessed I was to even have a decision to make.  We've laughed over the last two weeks that this has been God's way of reinforcing my decision.  Summer is normally a slow, flexible, relaxed time for me at work.  My husband and I were both a little worried I would start having second thoughts during the home stretch and forget how miserably hectic it is during the rest of the year.  No worries there.  The last two weeks have me itching for slower paced days that hopefully lie ahead.

And in completely unrelated news...
We bought a minivan this past weekend.  With the baby due in 10 weeks and a car that was totally unreliable, we knew it was time.  We traded in our 12 year old Nissan Maxima for a used Honda Odyssey, and I never in a million years thought I'd be so happy to drive such an ugly tank of a car!!  All dignity and hint of style are gone - I love that van!

I honor of our new ride, I leave you with a little Swagger Wagon!

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