Thursday, September 5, 2013

A new page

Most of the time I hate change.  I don't handle it well.  From what I gather from the Biscuit & Bean, this attribute is pretty innate - just try to give my 2 year old a different ice pack in his lunch box one morning because you forgot to freeze his regular one the night before & see the wrath that ensues.

But what I do absolutely love, are clear places in life that allow you a new start.

The first day of school.
The last day of school.
A new job.
A move to a new house, or new town.
New Years Day.

Back to school sales for school supplies instantly take me back to those days when the first day of school was filled with so much anticipation and hope of what was to come.  Though I've long been done with school, Fall still feels like the start of a new year more so than January or Spring.

This week is one of those times for me.  I said goodbye to a job I loved last week.  Since I was sixteen, I've only not been employed twice in my life - my Freshman year of college, and the summer between undergrad & grad school.  I thought saying goodbye would be hard and emotional.  But honestly, I made the decision in January & I think that has given me plenty of time to mentally prepare.  That and the increasing amount of stress in our day-to-day lives that is the direct result of having two professional parents who work more than 40 hours a week.

When I think of what I want this change to accomplish, it's hard not to be idealistic.  My number one goal with this decision has always been to slow down the pace of our lives, and make the day-to-day living more enjoyable.  However, when I think of specifics, my mind immediately turns to healthy home-cooked meals, Pinterest-worthy crafts with my kids, getting into shape, decorating our house (which looks like we moved in 2 months ago rather than 2 years ago), and finally focusing some long lost hobbies like piano, sewing & photography.

All you stay-at-home moms are laughing right now & saying, "Just you wait & see."

I know it will be anything but ideal.  My first two days at home were filled with lots of laundry, clogged pipes, doctors appointments, getting ready for baby #3 who is due in 5 days, and catching up on finance related things for both our home and the dental practice.  It's Thursday and I've cooked all of one meal and not taken a single photograph.

Still, my hopes are high.  Just like the first days of school so long ago.  I don't know what this new beginning will bring, but I'm very excited about the possibilities!

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