Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks that begins with so much promise, and two days in you're just hoping the thread you're holding onto makes it until Friday.

When I went to bed Sunday night, I'd worked late to catch up the books of our dental practice, and had high hopes of being 100% caught up at my full time day job by Wednesday.  Summer is supposed to be my "slow period".  This was going to be the week that I finally got over the to-do list hump at work, so I could start to take advantage of my slow-paced summer.

Monday morning greeted me with a newly minted two-year-old who decided that eating breakfast in his highchair must be akin to water boarding & adamantly refused.  An hour long stand-off only resulted in a famished, exhausted toddler and a sleep deprived mother whose nerves were on edge.  With my patience reserve all used up, I overreacted to my very sensitive four year-old when I caught him brushing his brother's lovey's teeth (with toothpaste) which sent him into a meltdown as well.  They were both still sobbing when I put them into the car to go to school, and they were both still sobbing when I left them with their teachers.  That's always fun.

Monday at lunch brought me a car that wouldn't start, and a tow truck.

Tuesday morning brought me a prenatal glucose test I'd been postponing because it never fails to make me feel horrible for the rest of the day.  I passed (always a relief), but learned I'm anemic

Tuesday afternoon brought a seemingly benign email from my boss, which once read, totally dashed any hope of being caught up at work this week.  Or next week.  Or the next week.

And so it goes.

So in an effort to see the upside of things...

I'm blessed to have such loving teachers for my kids, so that when I drop them off crying I know they will be snuggled.  AAA is worth its weight in gold when you need it.  So are good neighbors who let you borrow their car.  Perhaps the anemia is why I've been feeling crummy lately, and the additional iron will help!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from the Bean's 2nd birthday party we had this past weekend.  We kept it simple, and that ended up being the absolute best decision!

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