Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 ~ Week 39

This will be a very random post, with no pictures that I feel are worthy of sharing.  But I do have some pictures, so I'll share what I have.

John & I went to Boston for a grown-up getaway.  I took my camera with plans to take a ton of pictures.  Then I ended up only taking a couple.  The only thing that I felt compelled to photograph at all was an old cemetery.  Reading about all the people buried there was so interesting to me, and I found the rows of old tombstones strangely peaceful.

Ironically, the straight rows of tombstones are only for show.  They are not logistically coordinated with their respective graves.  The tombstones were reorganized into nice even straight rows in the Victorian Era to make way for a lawn mower, which was a new invention at the time.

Interesting, huh?

I have no way to segue to the next set of photos...

A boy & his cats.

The Bean can ALWAYS be found holding one of the kittens (who are now most definitely cats).

They tolerate his prodding, poking, jumping and jostling remarkably well.

Sophie (the black cat) was missing for about 24 hours, and I wasn't sure how we were going to break the news to him.  Luckily, she returned before I had to.

Lastly, we are still doing the soccer thing.

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