Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 ~ Week 38

We are finally settling into the groove of school, and finding some weekly rhythms in the midst of the chaos.

A new part of our weekly routine is homework.  The Biscuit has a few worksheets to complete at home each week.  I'm not often opinionated, but I am when it comes to Kindergarten and homework. While I absolutely understand the purpose, I think that it is too much, too soon.  Despite my feelings, we do it each week.

Of course, Bean thinks he should have homework as well, so he gets a few worksheets too.

Hats off to all the home-schooling Mamas out there.  After just a few weeks of this, I know that home-schooling is not in my future!

It's also soccer time.  I love the Biscuits soccer team and coaches.  Most of the boys were together for several years in pre-school, and I'm going to be incredibly sad when they are not on the same team.  It's a nice perk that I'm friends with most of the moms :).

Intimidating the other team...

Or something like that.

And totally unrelated...
We made a table last weekend.  I love the Under the Sycamore blog, and when I saw THIS post, I thought this table would be perfect for the boys shared room.  I don't have a pic of the finished product, but will share one.  It turned out so much better than we thought it would.

Have a great week!

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