Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 ~ Week 41

Some weeks are harder than others.  Sometimes there is a tangible reason, and sometimes there isn't.

 My kids were out of sync this week, for reasons unknown to me.  I joked that maybe it was the full moon.

The Biscuit is only five years old.  And already he has a big life outside of me.

He can choose what to share, and what to hold back.  I usually know what is up, even when he holds back.

But not always.  And that is hard.

Then there is the Bug.

He wants so badly to tell me what is wrong.  But has no words.

Once again, I usually know.  Even with no words.

But not always.

And that is hard.

Don't worry Mom - it wasn't all doom & gloom this week.

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