Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 ~ Week 33

We have been trying to soak in as much summer as possible. 

We took the boys to a nearby children's museum over the weekend.  It was the Bug's first visit.  His favorite exhibit was definitely the water!

Myself, I like the life size Light Bright.

The big boys like the construction site and grocery store exhibits.  In the picture below the Biscuit is loading bricks onto a platform.  (There are no pics of the grocery store because it is entirely too chaotic to snap any.  There are many lessons in sharing, taking turns, and waiting in line in that exhibit.)

We've also been staying in our pj's as long as possible.  More and more, all three boys have been playing nicely together.  The Bug doesn't so much "play", as he does swipe and grab - but the Biscuit has been including him more and more.  The Bean still ignores him, except to ask me to move him out the way :).

The last photo below was taken at the boys' preschool, on the Biscuit's very last day.  He starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and we will be slaves to the public school calendar for the next 17 years.  Ouch!!

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