Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 ~ Week 29

The pictures this week are a little sad in the way of quality.  Most of these were taken with my phone, which is just so convenient when I'm feeling a bit lazy.

The big news this week was that the big boys got bunk beds.  I originally planned to buy twin beds that "could" be bunked, if we chose to do so after they were a little older.  We made the mistake of having them with us when we went furniture shopping.  Once they saw the beds bunked in the store, they were incredibly excited about them, and I couldn't crush their excitement.

Waiting on the truck to be unloaded with their new beds.  You know they are excited when they sit still like this!

Testing them out after a very serious talk about the rules. 

The night before the new beds arrived, I told the Bean it would be the last night in his toddler bed.  He was really apprehensive about it.  I told him he could keep sleeping in his old bed if he wished, which made him feel better.  Well, once those beds were up, he never gave another thought to the old bed.  Me on the other hand, well I've been pretty sad about saying goodbye to that little bed.  The Bug's crib turns into a toddler bed, so we don't have a reason to keep this one, which both the Bean and Biscuit used.

Strangely, they have not fought about who gets to sleep where.  I already trudge through daily fights about who gets to sit where in the car.  I was thankful that they seem content with their chosen beds.  At least so far.

This guy is getting stronger and more balanced by the day.  Focused pictures of him are harder to come by now that he's always on the move.  This week, he's perfected pulling up to standing position.  If he can reach something, he will try to use it to pull up.

This means he can get to the big boys' toys.  The Biscuit doesn't mind.  The Bean is none too thrilled.

In an effort to get ready for Kindergarten (which starts in FOUR weeks), we've been trying to work with the Biscuit a little on learning to read, and keeping up the writing skills he learned in preschool.

And you know, "There's an app for that!"

I have to admit, using the ipad makes it fun in his eyes, which means much less whining and arguing from a little boy who hates to write.

The Bug has graduated to the big bathtub.

"Mom look, I'm being a cat dentist!"  Poor, poor cats.

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