Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 ~ Week 12

His love of "bamanas" is fierce.  He would eat five a day if I would let him.  He has to pick out his bamana, remove it from the bunch, peel it, and throw away the peeling by himself.  If I touch the bamana, then that bamana is no good.  We have to start the process over.  His two-ness is in all its glory right now.

The Bug is in the feet-loving stage right now.  There is not much cuter.

The Biscuit is finishing up his first soccer season.  I could not have hand-picked a better team or coach for him.  The experience has been nothing but positive, and I love that he has no idea at the end of the game if his team won (they didn't) because he doesn't care.

We registered him for Kindergarten this week.

The minutes creep.  The years fly.

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