Sunday, February 16, 2014

2014 ~ Week 7

The snow showed up as promised this week.  Tuesday morning we woke up to falling flakes, and those flakes fell strong for three days.  It was beautiful, cold, and once again gone in a flash.

Tuesday morning, I walked in to find the Biscuit & Bean standing on the table during breakfast, watching the flakes fall.  On this first day, it was too warm for the snow to stick, but it was beautiful coming down.  I caught them staring out of windows all day.

We finished up the class valentines, which turned out very cute!  I simply cut hearts out of their finished paintings and collages I mentioned in last week's post, and glued them to paper bags that had a few treats in them.

Wednesday was the day to go play in the snow.  I stayed in with the Bug, but got a pic of the big boys with John just before we tried to sled.  Most of the neighborhood kids were out, and I was reminded of how much I love where we live.

To keep it real, I should tell you that the Biscuit stayed outside all of 10 minutes, and refused to sled.  The Bean stayed out a bit longer, but refused to walk the quarter mile home.  His hand-me-down galoshes-turned-snow boots were a few sizes too big, and kept falling off.  The snow is fun, but I'm glad we don't have to dress the kids in that many layers very often!!

One of the reasons I started this project, is that I knew it would force me to pick up my camera when I otherwise wouldn't.  That is exactly what happened this week.  Sunday came, and I realized I hadn't really taken enough pictures this week.  So I kept my camera beside me all day taking pictures of very ordinary things.  Usually those end up being my favorite when I look back.

He's a light sleeper & normally wakes when the camera's shutter opens and closes.  I got lucky this time.

We pulled the old exersaucer out for him, and retired the baby swing.  I paid $15 for this second hand when I was pregnant with the Biscuit when John was in dental school.  It has served us well!!

His hair is at the fuzzy stage & I adore it!!  All of my boys had fuzzy hair at this age.

I also adore this picture of the Biscuit.  It captures him completely.  His lip is slightly swollen from a fall earlier in the day.

These boys love their Daddy!

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