Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keep your hands to yourself

Sometime between last Fall and this Fall the WWE set up shop in my house.  I'm not sure when it happened.  But friends, it is very real.  These two are at it All.The.Time.  It's all smiles in the beginning, but it never ends well.  If they are not in a full blown wrestling match, they are randomly punching, hitting, or sometimes just annoyingly touching the other one.  I say, "keep your hands to youself" at least as many times as I say "please put that back where it goes" and "don't touch that."  It's a lot of fun up this house.

These guys are only 2 and 4 years old.  I can't imagine how much worse it's going to be when they are 8 and 10.  At least at that age I can send them outside.  Then I won't be privy to the danger and avoid the constant yelling to move away from the furniture.  You never realize how many sharp corners you have in your house until it becomes a wresting ring.  It's much like having a baby that's beginning to walk.  Suddenly your house has death traps everywhere.

See these very innocent sweet little guys?  This is a picture I love of the Biscuit and Bean from last Fall.

A couple weeks ago, the boys were wearing their jerseys, and I decided I wanted to recreate this adorable picture.

We started out okay (except for the horrible orangy tint of the pictures)...

Then, in less than 5 seconds, my two boys turned into Rick Flair and Jesse Ventura.  This is what happened next...

AND in a couple of years, the Bug will be in the mix too.  I am so, so outnumbered.

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