Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 ~ Week 7 part 1

We spent the first part of this week at home, with an ice storm, and a sick baby.  The second half of the week we spent at the beach.  A very cold, cold beach.  Because we were at the beach, with lots of free time, I have a ton of pictures.  So I'm dividing this into two posts.

The Bean doing his "homework".  He takes it very seriously.  Now, if I only could get the son who actually HAS homework to take it half that seriously!!

These next few are from the Children's museum at the beach.  It was freezing, so we had to come up with some indoor activities.

There was some beach renourishment going on while we were there, and the boys loved watching the tractors move the sand up and down the beach.

If he had a window that that kind of afternoon light pouring through at home, I'd have daily nap pictures!!

We went to a park one afternoon, even though it was below freezing, and really windy. The boys still had fun!

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