Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 ~ Week 1

Ahhh, a new year!!

Though I really got behind on my weekly blog posts at the end of 2014, I really enjoyed the process of having a weekly goal.  So I decided to stick with it for 2015.  Only one more post and I will officially be caught up :).

The second week of Christmas break was much more relaxed than the first.  We had no Christmas gatherings, parties, or places of be of any type.  It was so relaxing, and a much needed break.  Since last Christmas, I'd been wanting to make salt dough ornaments again with the boys.  We made them the year before just before Christmas, and they loved the process.  From that previous year, I have hand prints of the Biscuit and Bean made of salt dough, but not of the baby (he was napping at the time).  So I was determined to do them again this year to get the Bug's hand print.  We didn't find time until after New Years to fit it in.  There are no pics of the baby "helping" make the ornaments, because he pretty much hated putting his hands in the dough unless he could eat it - so I had no free hands to take a pic of him.  The other boys had a blast.  Their favorite part was "making it snow" with the flour.

And these last two are what I got when I asked them to give me a smile...

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