Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 ~ Week 51

More catch-up :)

The week before Christmas we took the big boys on the Polar Express.  It is a short train ride to the "North Pole".  The kids get to wear their pajamas, eat cookies and hot chocolate, and get a bell from Santa.  We've taken them a couple of times, but this year was the first time they really understood every aspect of it, and it was a blast.

Though I took some pictures, I did not try to take any pictures when Santa boarded because I just wanted to take them in, in all of their awe and excitement.  You have never seen such pure joy!

The boys smile for the camera no better for kind strangers that offer to "get one of everyone" than they do from me.  It's a framer, don't you think?

The Bean was a bit scared when the train first started.  He refused to leave his dad's side the entire train ride.

Since I was sitting opposite him and he wouldn't switch seats, ninety percent of my pictures are of him, and I have very few of my oldest son.

Getting our tickets punched...

Bell in hand...

He had to forgo a nap, so by the end of the train ride, he was pretty pooped.

Love these boys with all I have.

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