Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 ~ Week 23

We had a birthday party for the Bean this past weekend.  He is turning three next week.  He's been waiting on this since January, when his big brother had his birthday party, and he was so excited.

We had the party at a local park.  There was a great playground, but mostly the kids wanted to play in the adjacent ball field.

 The Bug was a trooper, with no morning nap.

The Bean's best friend from school was able to come.  They are so adorable together (Their teachers would probably use a different adjective.  Like mischievous.  Or troublesome).


I love how excited he was.  He is stuck in the middle, so we wanted to celebrate his birthday in a big way.

I also love that the Biscuit is in the background of this picture, and is genuinely happy for his little brother.

The boys were exhausted the afternoon of the party.  We put them to bed at 7pm.  It was so early that there was enough light to take some pictures of them sleeping, and they were so tired that they didn't stir one bit.

The Bug turns 9 months old tomorrow.  Slow down.  Please.

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