Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 ~ Week 9

Some weeks are slow, uneventful, and have an easy-going nature about them.  They can seem boring.  They can also seem hard because the boys have to be entertained and kept busy.  During those weeks I sometimes have to remind myself not to wish the time away.

This was not one of those weeks.

Between soccer practices, date night, choir practice, gymnastics, elementary school tours and dinner with friends it was a jam packed week.  Throw in the Bug's baptism and a visit from my sister and you've got one over scheduled family.  I can definitely see why I have friends who limit their children to one extra-curricular activity.

We woke up early in the week to find these guys in our yard.

This was a very cute fundraiser for a youth mission trip at our church.  You could buy "flamingo insurance" to prevent getting flocked, which we obviously didn't do.  Our guys LOVED having these pink birds show up.  By the time they left to roost elsewhere, they all had been named, and petted many times over.

The Bean has reached my favorite milestone as a parent.  He is potty trained!!!!!  His class at school has a "Potty Train" on the wall with enough boxcars for each child.  Once the child is potty trained, the child gets to put their picture on a boxcar, and is officially on the Potty Train.  When I went to print a picture for the Bean's boxcar, I realized that we had no recent pictures of him worthy of putting in a frame.  So we had a very impromptu photo shoot in the back yard.

The Biscuit let me take a few of him.  All I see when I look at this is how tall he's grown over the past few months.

My sister was in town this week for a visit, and I got to visit some with her and snap some photos of my nephew.  He has the most adorable dimples and beautiful brown eyes.

One he discovered the slide outside, there was no doing anything else.  It did not matter that it was too steep for him.  This one has no fear.

We definitely don't get to see him enough!!

I Love these boys!!

And here's the "keeping it real" shot taken just 10 seconds before the one above was taken...

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